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Side-by-Side Mentoring

Expert Mentoring on Your Next Project.

Side-by-Side Mentoring is a blend of teaching and consulting designed to help you target and address specific project challenges - by allowing you the opportunity to work side-by-side one of our certified experts on the subject.

"...teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime."

Let our instructors help guide the success of your next project.

  1. CLEARLY STATED OUTCOMES  - With Side-by-Side Mentoring, our certified instructors will work directly with you in advance to fully understand the details of your project. This will allow us an opportunity to establish a sound game plan for addressing your specific challenges, as well as an estimated duration and cost to complete your project. Once we're confident that we have a handle on your overall project objectives, we will submit a quote based on those estimations.
  2. FLEXIBILITY  - With Side-by-Side Mentoring, we work around your schedule to accommodate the day and time that works best for you. In addition, Side-by-Side Mentoring offers complete flexibility as to where the mentoring takes place, whether it's at our facility, your facility, or Live Online - we've got you covered.
  3. FINISHED PRODUCT - The end goal of Side-by-Side Mentoring is to provide sufficient guidance and assistance to lead you to a finished product, and to equip you with the knowledge and ability to repeat these objectives independently in the future - by teaching you how to perform these steps along the way.

Ready to forge a path to a successful project?

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The cost of Side-by-Side Mentoring ultimately depends on the technical scope of your project, and the expected number of hours to help accomplish your stated goals. Generally, however, consulting fees range between $95.00 per hour to $175.00 per hour. For an exact quote, feel free to contact us anytime to discuss the details of your next project.

If you face any software related challenges in which you could use professional guidance and assistance in achieving a desired product outcome, then mentoring is very likely a great option for you to consider. In addition to us helping you achieve a desired product outcome, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and ability to repeat these objectives independetley in the future.

We recognize that you need complete confidence when an outside agency is working on your company sensitive date. Therefore we offer to all our customers the option to sign a non-disclosure agreement as an additional layer of protection.


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Side-by-Side Mentoring
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