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Visual presentation of analytics enables decision makers to quickly grasp difficult concepts, identify new patterns, and make smarter decisions.

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Tableau Training
Classes in St. Louis

This course will introduce students to the basic features and functions of Tableau. It’s ideal for new to moderately experienced Tableau users. Students will gain fundamental skills to visualize your data, use a wide variety of visual types, connect to data, create basic calculations, build interactive dashboards, and share visualizations. Full Course Outline / Schedule  | $995 

This 2-day advanced course is for experienced Tableau users who want to enhance their basic skills. We will do deep dives into the nine different types of filters in Tableau; various ways of creating advanced sets; advanced table calculations; dynamic, multi-level sets; level of detail expressions, custom mapping, and multi-pass table calculations. We perform various hands-on exercises in each topic and learn the specific techniques required to achieve them. You can then use these skills to reduce the amount of work you must do when building complex, dynamic visuals. Full Course Outline / Schedule | $995

This course will cover the basic features and functions of Tableau, best practices for visualizing data based on scientific research, and a detailed process for defining requisite information prior to creating dashboards. It’s ideal for business analysts and other users who have little or no Tableau experience. The course is designed to help you understand the important concepts and techniques used in Tableau to move from simple to complex visualizations. You will learn how capture essential information to create more meaningful visualizations, and how to combine them in interactive dashboards. Full Course Outline / Schedule |  $995


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